Human Hair Extensions

February 27, 2015

Hair extensions are the current hot hair trend! They instantly add some length or volume to your natural hair texture without looking unrealistic.

CChairextensions uses 100% virgin Brazilian&Indian Remy human hair. The Remy human hair extensions are the most quality one, being preferred because they achieve the most natural looks. They can be easily washed, styled and dyed like your own hair.

Women are using hair extensions for different reasons: for adding some instant length to a short hair or volume to their natural hair. Also, women can add extensions to achieve colored highlights without damaging their hair.

Clip on are the most commonly used hair extensions. They are easy to be used and all you have to do is clip it on the roots of your hair. You can choose from different textures and colors. 

Hair weave is very popular among both black and white women. It requires more time for applying but it can easily last until 2 months. It is woven or glued into the hair from the track. 

Weaves are good for vacation-hair because you can relax and enjoy your getaway without spending precious minutes or hours on hairstyling.

Changing your hairstyle can be very versatile and give you a lot of confidence. Would you give it a try?

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