OPI The "Man With The Golden Gun" 18 Karat Gold Nail Polish

September 25, 2012

Photo source here 

For celebrating 50 years of James Bond series, OPI will launch in October a new nail lacquer with gold particles of 18 karates. It is a luxury product in limited edition and you will find it till around Christmas.
It will be launched together with the new movie from James Bond series, Skyfall, which will have the premiere also in October.

You apply it as a top coat over another nail polish. But it would look great over dark colors like black, burgundy or purple.

I like very much how it shows on the nail, looks like autumn leaves. And as you know I am in the golden period in make up and in accessories, so it would be a dream come true to wear some gold on my nails. 
The only bad things this nail polish has is the price of 38$.:)

And maybe you don`t know, but the most expensive nail polish in the world is with black diamonds of 267 karats from Azature, which costs only 250000$.:)

Photo source here

But I have good news, I searched for a similar nail polish, much cheaper and I found one with gold particles of 22 karats, at only 16$. The shipping costs 3$ for USA residents and 5$ for other countries. You can find it here.

Photo source here 

And there is also the Boom Boom Pow from deborah Lipman, with 24 karats gold dust, at the price of 20$. 

Photo source here

What you think of OPI "Man with the Golden Gun" with 18 karats gold? But what about the other nail polishes? Would you buy something like this at those prices?

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  1. I would buy that O.P.I nail polish just for the container...I love your nails! Great post! http://www.roros-world.com

  2. driving30_with_2gether25 September 2012 at 22:08

    I love the gold flecked one! Such a unique polish!

  3. Sunt frumoase dar sincer nu as da atatia bani pe ele .Imi plac unghiutele tale.

  4. e superba, dar cand am vazut pretul.... :(((

  5. Wow! The OPI one looks so precious!!

  6. I love everything that sparkles, so this one took my breath away :D

  7. oh i just love it!so beautiful and unique.
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  8. Lovely post! I like the mind and gold nails :) Amazing :)
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  10. Wow, it's amazing!


  11. great post ! Love the gold leaf effect thing :O I want that OPI nail polish !!!
    And thanks for visiting my blog! Its been a little while since you left your comment - BUT to answer you back to your question about following each other; sure we can follow each other, now following you :) Hope you'll follow back. And lovely blog! :)

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