Thinking of Spring

January 27, 2012

Because I don,t like very much the cold, I am dreaming of springtime, of color, nature, flowers and the sea.

I found this eyeshadow palette from  Sleek Make Up, which made my day more shinny and I added it to my wishlist. I will have a review about it very soon.

Until then, join me in my day dreaming!!

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  1. I thing about summer too!!:D
    The pallete is very nice!
    …All in Style…! 

  2. Yes it made my day this pallete, I must have it soon:)))) R u in Greece?? Kisses xxxx

  3. çok güzel renklerr bunlarrr:)

  4. Love the bold colors in this palette! They look very pigmented.

    Thanks so much for following my blog! I hope you'll visit again soon! :)

  5. Hi Rinny, I love the colors of this palette also and that,s why very soon it will be in my hands:)) I,m waiting for the spring hehhe.. Hope you,ll follow me also and come back soon. I will do the same.