Happiness is a new handbag

September 19, 2016

What girl doesn,t love accessories? While I don,t think that you can rely on accessories to make a dress that doesn,t suit you to work, I believe that the right jewelry or shoes or purse can add style to a banal outfit or save the entire outfit. 
I believe that accessorizing is the most difficult part of an outfit. You must have a fashion eye and a good sense of the entire outfit.

Fashion is not only in the clothes you choose. Fashion is in the small details which makes you and your attire unique and original. Fashion is to feel great with yourself and your outfit to fit you perfectly. If your investment in clothes can be cheaper,  for the shoes and purses you can,t burgain. They are the most important parts of the outfit and they must be high quality for durability and convenience.

StyleWe is an online store where you can find designer clothes and handbags. You can find the newest trends of designers from all over the world.

Pablo Baldini is a fashion designer who started in Tuscany in 2012 where his brand was founded as a small, family-run work shop in the craftsmanship area of Florence. There, in the heart of Italy, the team of Pablo started to design and create beautiful, functional accessories in classic and modern shapes using only the finest leathers. An industry leather, Pablo Baldini worked with the worlds famous designers, including Prada, Gucci, Armani during the design and realization of their unique line. Experience that help Pablo to grow as a major competitiv in the Italian market. Each bag is handmade in Florence using only the prestigious materials, creating a superior product that will endure the test of time.

Trends are important, but, in the end, just be yourself and listen to your intuition, because "fashion is something that comes from within you" as Ralph Lauren said. Everyone has her own style.

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