Shopping on Amazon

September 25, 2019

Some time ago, I pre-ordered some clothes and bags from amazon in France and asked the seller to deliver them to my home.
At first, as usual, I paid online, and the order showed that the package had shipped. I am in a good mood because I especially noticed that the carrier chosen by the seller is DHL, which has always been a good reputation. As the days passed, I looked forward to my new dress. Suddenly one day, when I was checking the package on Order Tracking, the status could not be delivered, and this was still in the process of delivery!! But I contacted customer service, was informed that the package had lost!!! DHL lost my package!!! Since Amazon has no stock, this order can only be refunded.

But, the next day, surprise!DHL sent me a message and tould me that the package was on its way to delivery. My goods have not lost, but DHL has changed a query number, which causes that I cannot find him in Tracktry and Order Tracking. You might wonder why I use two tracking tools. Both work well for me. Order Tracking is more of a batch tracking, and I use it when I have a lot of packages on the road. If there is only one package, Tracktry is also the right choice, which my friends and I love.
Okay, back to the point. I contacted Amazon customer service again, just like anyone with integrity. Then we agreed that once it was delivered, I needed to contact them and pay for the package.

As people say, DhL is fast. Three days later, I told customer service I had it and authorized the credit card to charge. You know, guys who like shopping online, the deduction takes effect within 48 hours.
Something magical happened. I received the goods at the end of August. More than half a month later, the money on the card has not changed, and the credit card debit note has not sent to my mobile phone. Wow, it looks like the Amazon seller doesn't care about 40 euros.

We usually hear about loosing package, especially international express. How to get the package updated in real-time can be a headache. But two tools, Order Tracking and Tracktry, solve this problem for me. It is very convenient to know whether your package is safe or not by using them. Great  important! Whether it's on Amazon or eBay or some other platform to buy your favorite products, it's handy. And they support tracking couriers all over the world! As an online shopping lover, the happiest thing is to receive the long-awaited packages safely and open them one by one.

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