Top Tips for Proper Plant Management

May 29, 2020

Currently, COVID-19 outbreaks in industrial facilities have forced the closure of some factories for the foreseeable future. The number of temporary shutdowns and cutbacks continues to cause shortages of certain consumer goods. Now more than ever, plant managers have a duty to maintain high health and safety standards for our essential workers.

Systems Checks

No plant can function without its machinery in good working order. Managers and workers should make a point of monitoring all machines for strange or sluggish performance, odd noises, and anything else out of the ordinary. Meanwhile, it's equally important to practice every possible aspect of preventive maintenance on equipment, right down to verifying that the Donaldson compressed air filters are kept free of debris. Solving several small problems is simpler, cheaper, and ultimately more efficient than waiting for a catastrophe.

Cleanliness Is Key

Running a clean shop should always be a concern for supervisors. Pay attention to personal hygiene habits among other workers as well as yourself. No food or drink should be found on the factory floor for fear of damaging specialized equipment. If the manufacturing process is messy, then all work surfaces and machines must be regularly cleaned.
It's essential to encourage healthy personal practices among employees, such as thoroughly washing one's hands while on break and washing one's hair at home. Moreover, hair must always be secured during work, lest it come into contact with machinery. Most importantly, any employee who reports sick should be sent home immediately.

Safety First

While cleanliness itself is a form of safety, other policies contribute to stable productivity. Workers should wear no items of clothing that could get caught in moving machinery. However, workers must wear all necessary protective gear such as safety goggles, gloves, helmets and masks. Additionally, every worker should be explicitly cleared to run each piece of equipment before being allowed to do so.
In this moment, ensuring a safe working environment for everyone is especially critical. Bosses must take all reasonable precautions to protect their employees' health.

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