Job of an architect

June 24, 2020

Various styles of buildings and monuments can be seen all around the world. Some of the greatest structures have been created by architects who have never been studied or learned about. Others have designers who are world-renown. While it’s easy to look at a building and know someone designed it, you may not be aware of everything an architect’s job includes. Here are some things most don’t think about.


Most know that the overall look of a building has been designed by an architect. There are several other things that they must think about while they make the design plans as well though. They can’t make something they want to just because; they have to follow and listen to the wants of the people who need the building.


Before a building plan can be made, an architect must discuss things with those who hired him. These plans include not only the design, but space requirements, cost analysis, and potential users. Each design needs its own specifications. For instance, educational campus planning will require things a company building plaza will not.


Once the design is in, the architect doesn’t just step away from the project. While things are written down, they have to try and effectively communicate how they see them in their mind. Chances are this type of project that is brand new for those building it, so the architect must be there to help them out every step of the way.


Obtaining different paperwork, including certain bids, contractors, and permits are all a part of an architect’s job as well. There are several requirements and tests they must adhere to depending on where the building will be. They may also be apart of material ordering and getting to ensure it’s the right thing.
While architects get the credit for the beautiful design of a building, they should get credit for more. Their job entails more than just drawing up some plans.

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  1. It sounds like such a difficult job and I have a lot of respect for those in that field!
    the creation of beauty is art.