The Facial Massage

June 03, 2013

“Some physicians suggest that stress may be responsible for 75% of all diseases in the western world including skin diseases (e.g., psoriasis and eczema), headaches and migraines, digestion disorders, high blood pressure and heart-related disease, as well as backache and muscle pain, poor eyesight and depression…a solution is to find ways to manage the stresses… one way is the use of massage therapy.”  -Stretch Dowse, MD, 1887

Massage therapy has the ability of healing our bodies as we are formed of muscles, energy points and skin. The muscles of our body can hold on a lot of stress mostly in the shoulders and back. The energy points called also Chakras represent the body`s energy system and each of them have a particular function.

As skin ages, it loses elasticity and firmness. Massage won’t reverse the ageing process but it can boost blood flow, adding a healthy glow while nourishing skin and body and facial muscles.

As an aesthetician myself I can tell you that you can apply any luxurious product on your skin, but without massaging the area with the proper technique won`t help you much. Through massage all the nutrients penetrate to a deeper layer of the skin, so will result in a smoother, healthier looking complexion.

You can choose from Swedish massage, Lymphatic, Thai Shiatsu or hot stones massage. Those are the most popular.

The face is the first thing someone sees at us so we must nurture it more. A right facial massage can help the skin texture, making you look younger, speeding the removal of toxins and toning and lifting the muscles. Facial massage decreases anxiety and can help you fight with your wrinkles. 

Gentle, routine facial massage can help relax these tight and drawn muscles which are forming your wrinkles, decreasing the lines that they form. As wrinkles appear in specific areas of the face, procedures were developed to treat each of the problem areas by professional therapists who know very well the position and direction of most of the major muscles of the face as well as the associated blood vessels, lymphatic ducts and nerves.

The facial massage also increases circulation, oxygenating the blood and encouraging the presence of fresh, healing red blood cells.

So what are you waiting for? Run to the nearest spa and treat yourself like a lady. Why not here?

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What do you believe about facial and body massage. Did you try some of those therapies? Did you have good results?

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