Three Ways To Tame Your Brows

June 12, 2019

Natural brows are in! From implants to microblading to at-home tattoo pens, many women are searching for the latest ways to create big, beautiful eyebrows for a bold look. While filling in your brows can give you the design you want, did you know that shaping and maintaining your eyebrows on a regular basis may also help them look fuller? To keep them looking their absolute best, here are three ways you can tame your natural brows.


The practice of eyebrow threading jacksonville beach fl is actually an ancient art form that's thousands of years old! Your professional brow stylist will use cotton threads to remove excess hairs by pulling them out from the root. Threading is a great option for those who have sensitive skin and are easily irritated by the products used in waxing. It's also recommended for helping with peach fuzz and other unwanted facial hair.


Having your eyebrows waxed is one of the most common ways to shape and clean up your brow line. A beautician applies a warm wax to the surface of your skin and then places a cloth strip over top. Once the wax has set, the strip is pulled free, removing the unwanted hairs from the root. It also acts as an exfoliant for the skin in that area.


Plucking extra hairs with tweezers is the simplest method to shape your brows at home. While it is a bit more time consuming, it can help you achieve the most precise and natural look by pulling individual hairs. However, it's easy to go overboard so be sure to take breaks and evaluate often.
No matter which method you choose to remove those unwanted hairs, be sure to ask your beautician to trim and shape your remaining hairs with a quick scissor cut. To keep your brows healthy, promote new growth and ease the discomfort after a treatment session, apply a mixture of coconut and castor oil to your brows before bedtime. A little upkeep goes a long way to achieving the look and style you love.

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