3 Ways To Upgrade Your Special Event

December 07, 2021


If you're a special event planner who specializes in festivals and concerts, providing more services to your event attendees can be a win-win situation for all. Here are three ways you can give them and their event experience a boost.

1. Rent ADA-Compliant Shower Units

Multi-day events typically require more services than one-day happenings. If you're setting up a multi-day festival or wedding, for example, consider putting in place rental showers that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA showers are mobile units that feature mobile wheelchair-accessible facilities, ramps and landings, on-demand hot water, handrails, lighting, and more.

Mobile shower units are especially suitable for disaster relief, rural and remotely located events since they don't require readily available power or water sources. These clean, modern facilities upgrade any event, no matter the location.

2. Use an Event Marketing Platform

If you're ready to take your special events to the next level for your attendees, consider investing in an event marketing and management platform. By allowing your attendees to interact with organizers and with speakers, performers or sponsors, you're giving them more value-added benefits and raising their excitement level even before they attend the event. 

Better yet, these kinds of platforms give you and your event team more information and data on past, present and future attendees. Interactive, personalized content can encourage your attendees to keep returning to your signature event or event series.

3. Follow Up With Attendees and Staff

There's no better way to upgrade your next event than to solicit feedback from your attendees and staff following your previous event. Their insight can give you the knowledge and direction to improve attendees' critical success factors such as seating and comfort or registration and payment. 

You'll be glad to know there are many more ways to upgrade your special event. Browse professional event and conference coordinators' websites and blogs for innovative industry ideas.


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