Ways to Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

August 14, 2019

Although beauty trends come and go, one of the main focal points when it comes to makeup has always been the eyes. Women are constantly finding ways to make their eyes appear bigger than they are and to give them a way to stand out. While it isn't actually possible to make your eyes larger than they are, there are some things you can do to give that illusion.

Extend Your Lashes

People typically try to use mascara to extend their lashes, but it isn't the only way. Although the right mascara can help thicken and lengthen your lashes, having a fake set applied can really make your eyes stand out. These can be found in stores and applied at home on a day to day basis, or you can find eyelash extension products New York NY that are professionally done and usually longer lasting.

Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

Use Concealer

Many people experience dark circles under their eyes. This is usually due to stress, exhaustion or genetics. These shadows can cause your eyes to appear smaller than they are. Finding the right concealer to even out your skin tone takes the attention away from the circles and can brighten up your eyes.

Highlight Your Brows

Keeping your eyebrows groomed can give your eyes a cleaner look. There are various methods available now to give your eyebrows the shape that you want. Properly framing them around your eyes help your eyes to look larger. You may even want to apply a little highlighter on your brow line to really accentuate the area.
If you aren't sure how to begin, look online at different makeup tutorials. You can also go to different beauty stores in your area and ask for help on applying different products. With practice and a little help, you'll get the look you've been hoping for in no time.

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