Awesome Gifts for the College Graduate

August 17, 2019

If someone important to you is graduating from college, then it’s important to get them a meaningful gift that celebrates their hard work. If you’re stuck, never fear; check out a few suggestions for inspiration.

Golden Rule

It has been a long-standing tradition to give gold jewelry gifts when you are honoring someone. Show your loved one just how excited and proud you are of their achievement by giving them a special, meaningful piece of jewelry.
  • Necklaces can be purchased for either gender and are easily customizable. Pick a charm or pendant that is meaningful to the graduate and hang it on a chain.
  • Class rings are more than bulky, masculine hunks of gold and gemstones. There is a range of styles and varieties today that come in all sizes — dainty, wide, or anywhere in between. Surprise your graduate with a custom class ring that you designed yourself.
  • Giving the gift of a watch to a recent graduate is a meaningful and traditional gift, especially since watches are symbolic in so many ways.


Now that the graduate is free and clear, it’s time to let loose and celebrate. Instead of spending money on an item, give them the gift of an experience.
  • Who is their favorite band? Give them concert tickets for the next upcoming show! Even if it’s a year out, your loved one will be thrilled.
  • Your outdoorsy friend will love a prepaid US Park Pass. This handy little card gets them into over 2,000 national parks nationwide.
  • Any sports fan is sure to lose their mind when presented with tickets to an upcoming game. For an added touch, wrap the tickets in a beer koozie bearing the team’s logo.
College graduations are a big deal. It takes a lot of hard work, long nights and plenty of student loans to finally achieve the goal and have a degree in your hand. Celebrate with your loved one and toast to a job well done.

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