Unique Yet Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home

December 10, 2019

Every home needs a little refresh every once in a while. If you're looking for new home decor ideas, you may find yourself disappointed by the repetitive styles online or in stores. However, there are ways you can create a look that makes your home stand out from the rest. When it's time to do a little redecorating, here are three simple ways to create a unique look that's all your own.

Stay Away From Mass Produced Artwork

Photos, prints and paintings from a chain store can be beautiful, but they're still unoriginal. If you want to fill your home with beauty that's truly individual, invest in one of a kind artwork from a local or favorite artist. Whether you choose wall art or sculpture, these pieces can be great conversation starters that add beauty and depth to any room. Plus, you can rest assured that you have a design that no one else can copy.

Design a Gallery Wall With Family Heirlooms and Photographs

A gallery wall is a creative way to make a collage of images and decor items based on your home's unique style and layout. You can make this approach even more personal by using items that are unique to your family and heritage. Fill small shelves or shadow box frames with collectibles and family heirlooms. Display prints of old and new family photographs for the finishing touch.

Create Art From Different Textures and Materials

If you want to follow trends and simply add a different element to the mix, choose unique textures and materials instead of traditional ones. Textured wallpaper can create an outstanding design that's simple yet surprising. Use fabrics to create a visual focal point in your favorite room. Wall art made from a collection of wood cuttings or metal scraps can create a unique mosaic that catches the eye.
You don't have to go overboard to create a style that's both interesting and personal. A few simple yet thoughtful touches can give your home the element it needs to be its own individual work of art.

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