Different Types of Belt Holsters

January 27, 2021


Many people think that pistols, belt holsters, and belts automatically make them ready to start concealed carrying. Technically, this is everything you need. However, you won't get the most out of your concealed carry equipment if you don't plan. Often, people who have these items end up uncomfortable with their equipment. When this happens, they stop carrying their pistol. On the other hand, many people stop carrying because their belt isn't properly concealing their weapon, and they are worried about handgun safety. Fortunately, choosing the right type of holster can reduce these issues. 

Outside the Waistband Holsters

Outside the waistband (OWB), holsters are foolproof and great for beginners. They typically attach to your belt with a clip or belt loop. Belt loop holsters are typically available with plastic or leather loops that you can slide your belt through. One drawback of the belt slide is that you have to thread it through your belt anytime you want to change belts. Additionally, you have to ensure the holster is in the right spot before putting your belt on. 

On the other hand, clip holsters can be more troublesome. Ones that can easily be slipped over your belt are often not secure. When the metal clips are long enough to be secure or have a retention clip, it can be difficult to attach the holster to your belt. 

Inside the Waistband Holsters

Inside the waistband (IWB) holsters, let you place a gun inside of your pants. To put these on, you clip the holster to your pants, fasten your pants, then tighten your belt. You can find IWB holsters with clips or loops. Clips are the more common option, and most people like them for appendix carrying. However, single clips tend to be flimsy, and people prefer holsters with double clips for extra reinforcement. 

Holsters can sit inside or outside of your waistband. They are also available with belt loops or clips. The key is to decide what type of holster you want ahead of time. This helps you avoid safety issues and giving up concealed carry. 

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