Housewarming Gift Guide

June 11, 2021


Your friend has just moved into a new home and they've invited you to the housewarming party. You feel like you should bring a present but you have no idea where to start. Here are a few ideas for great housewarming presents. 


Decorations are always a great place to start. Whether it's house plants Salt Lake City UT or a nice print to fill up all that empty wall space, decorative items are always welcome gifts. However; this only works if you have a good sense of your friend's style and taste, so exercise some caution here. 

Gadgets and Useful Items

Practical items are always a safe bet. Think about what the most useful things in your house are. Nifty storage solutions, handy cleaning products, and other useful hacks and gizmos are another great option. The more you know about your friend, the easier it is to know what they might find extra useful. If the item you're thinking of is on the pricier side, do make sure that no one else has already brought it. You might even consider a gift card to a home goods store or other useful locations.

Food and Drink

If you absolutely cannot think of anything or you don't have that kind of time, you can never go wrong with food or drink. A bottle of their favorite wine makes an excellent and very classy gift. Homemade cookies bring the personal touch and sweet memories. Make sure that you account for any allergies or other dietary restrictions, but food and drink are almost always a safe bet for any party.

Even if all you bring is yourself and your well-wishes, your friends will doubtless be glad to have you there, but you don't want to be an ungrateful guest. A small housewarming present can never go amiss.

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  1. Thank you for this! I have a friend that just moved into a new home and was just wondering the other day what I should gift her!
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