Glitter Gal Holographic Nail Polishes

July 15, 2013

Anna Szabo and Kerry Howell have been friends for nearly 20 years. When they first met working at a law firm, the two gals bonded over their passion for makeup and their desire to leave the corporate culture.

Anna, a true Aussie with the spirit of adventure, went out and created a private label cosmetics business, making products for some of the biggest Asian and Australian companies. Kerry, a former model and makeup artist, went on to get married. They kept in touch over the years and talked often about creating their own line.

Anna’s husband, a special effects colour technician one day introduced the two to non traditional colour pigments. This began the Glitter Gal's quest to create a unique colour line inspired by the spirit of Australia.

“We began mixing our own formulas and started selling our products online. We got a phenomenal response from the blogging community.  We knew immediately that we were on to something unique.We wanted to produce proprietary quality formulas with quick to market lead times. We knew that doing so would take a big investment. We dove head first by taking our retirement savings to create our own labs and buying manufacturing equipment. We've Made a lot of sacrifices, and its been a long ride, but we've never once looked back!" says Anna optimistically. "That's the Aussie way!"

Glitter Gal Australia sent me to test their holographic nail polishes, Turbulence and the new release, Transfusion.
These nail polishes are Formaldehyde free, DPB free, and Toluene free. Ohh, did I mention I love the fact they don`t contain harmful ingredients?



I can tell you they are the best nail polishes I`ve tried so far. They are smooth, even and flow like butter. They all cover in two coats perfectly. They are very pigmented, last a lot, you don`t need a top coat cause they are very shinny and they dry very fast, like in a minute (without joking). A high intensity multi-chromatic 3D/Holographic effect which captures light and reflects a full spectrum of vivid colour. Formulated with the highest blend of ingredients to create the most superior product available today on the international nail polish market. All around great formula and application.

I just love the holographic nail polishes and I`m glad I`ve finally had the chance to try them. It`s like a rainbow on my nails.

If you would like to try the holographic effect nail polishes, you can buy them from here. The Transfusion is at the price of 11,95$ and Turbulence 17,95$. These polishes are totally worth the high price tag.

What you think of them? Did you try those kind of nail polishes so far?

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  1. love the colors!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. I'm not the biggest fan of holographic nailpolishes, but second one is quite good!

  3. Υπέροχα είναι!!!
    Φιλάκια πολλά-πολλά!!!
    Καλή εβδομάδα!

  4. Absolutely love the colours, and the story of how the company came to be! The second colour, transfusion, is my favourite! <3

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  5. Hi, thanks so much for your great images from Kerry and Anna - Glitter Gal Australia xoxoxo