The Brilliant Imagery of the Earth

March 03, 2014


  Every photograph is important for someone, because it is always about capturing a specific moment and it is just meant to be a part of someone’s life, once it was taken. When photographs are of a high quality and portray really breathtaking moments, it is simply heart warming. The National Geographic photo contest, every year brings joy to our eyes. I’m grateful for its existence and everything it brings to the photography. The worldwide impact of a photograph can now be sensed by everyone who is interested in this art, just by looking in the magazine or on the website.

  In the National Geographic photo contest you can find pictures taken by professional NewYork Photographers or by some amateur photo enthusiasts from Asia. This is the magic of it, because you can see the brilliant imagery of the whole earth, all together in one collection. The photographs enter the contest in three categories: people, places and nature. I would say that all the pictures may enter different categories, but all of them are in one big division, named life. Starting with absolutely terrifying pictures of wars and ending with a calm image of a river side, it is all about the world, it is all about the life. This contest sets the standards for the photographic excellence and it is also making photographers that are so used to take pictures of models, think about going to Africa, put their lives at risk and take a heart breaking photograph.

  The fact that photography has the power to open people’s minds and put in there new information, new emotions and different perspectives, is one big achievement of this sphere. Photography is an art, but at the same time it is a fast growing industry, that develops new styles and ways of creating future memories out of present moments. The technology goes hand in hand with the artistic imagination and in the end it creates something incredible, which is worth being in the National Geographic magazine or it is an absolutely necessary picture in one’s wedding photo album.

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