A Stylish Woman’s Guide To Finding The Perfect Evening Clutch

June 29, 2016

 Are you going to attend a soiree? Or maybe you have been invited to your boyfriend’s sister’s wedding?  Or maybe your company is throwing a formal ball for all of their employees? Regardless of what type of  formal occasion you will be attending, one of the things that you should prioritize is finding the perfect  clutch to accessorize the entire outfit. StyleWe is an online store which provides fashion products from different designers.
  With the different designs and styles of evening clutches that we have today, it can be quite difficult for  you to find that evening clutch that will work perfectly with your outfit. To help you out, here are some  of the tips that you should know about:

 • Tone down your color

  In the event that you have chosen an evening dress in bright colors, it is recommended that you make a  contrast by choosing for a clutch in a darker shade. If you are in doubt, you can always go for evening  clutches in white, metallic, black or gold as these neutral colors will go well with just about any color of  the dress. Avoid choosing an evening bag in a color that is equally brighter as your outfit. This is because  there is a tendency that the bag will steal the attention that your dress should have.


  • Know the materials

 The formal clutches that are available in the market today come in a variety of fabrics and materials,  including satin, silk, beads, velvet, leather, embroidery, knit and much more. It is important that you  understand the characteristics of each material so you can choose one that would fit your style and  needs. For one, the clutches made of sequins and beads are fragile while the clutches made from satin  and silk can easily get dirty.



  • Match your evening clutch with your accessories

  If you wish to look perfect for the night, the accessories that you should use must match the style of  your evening clutch. When the bag has a gold hardware, you should opt to wear gold jewelry. When the  bag has a silver hardware, choose silver accessories as well. Do not match gold accessories with a silver  hardware and vice versa.

  • Opt for one with pockets

  For sure, you will not attend the event without your phone with you. But as we all know, putting your  phone in a small evening clutch is a struggle. If you have decided to go for a larger one, make sure that it  has pockets so that you can protect your phone from your other personal items that might scratch it.

  • Consider your body shape

 Yes, even your body shape matters when it comes to choosing the perfect evening clutch. If you are a  petite lady, opt for a smaller clutch. On the other hand, large-sized clutches are perfect for taller  women. If you have a slim figure, opt for a round evening clutch while a rectangular bag would be a  great option for curvy women.
  Truly, evening clutches are the icing on top of our evening dresses. With the tips that we have provided  above, you can surely make the right impression to your soon-to- be in-laws, boss, and your college  crush.

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