Short Ball Dresses

August 19, 2016

Who says the queen of the ball must be wearing a long A-line, heavy and voluminous dress? Why not be unique, daring, sexy, feminine and choose a short ball dress this year? Break the hidden rule with confidence because the popularity of short ball dresses is continuosly growing.

Short ball dresses are more comfortable, practical and they can be worn again at any other event.

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The gown must reflect your personality. If you are more like a romantic, classic type of girl, then go for monocolor or pastel simple dresses. If you are daring and bold, then choose strong colorful dresses and patterns.

The dress must highlight your best features. If you have puffy arms, then avoid strapless dresses and go for long sleeve dresses. If you have thicker ankles, then wear strapless high heels.

No matter what you will wear at your big event, be a modern Cinderella and remember that all is about your attitude. Be yourself and everything will be magic!

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