Urban Dwelling

December 21, 2016

Cities have been around for thousands of years and have come in all shapes and sizes. While cities themselves may change, the people that live in them share similar qualities. City folk are a completely different breed of human. They are accustomed to an insane way of life that not many would ever want to partake in.
One such example is how closely they live to the people around them. Many people have grown up in rural areas or suburbs with plenty of space between you and your neighbor. Most of those people will never want to give up that freedom. Let’s be honest, being able to walk out onto your lawn in your underwear in the morning to grab the paper is for sure underrated. That wouldn’t go over so well in a metropolis. Urban dwellers are accustomed to living in extremely close quarters. If you live below someone, chances are you’ve heard them walking around or playing their music too loud. A thin layer of wood or concrete separating you from other humans. House people reading this are cringing at that thought, but not the city person. No, sir. They are used to hearing it and if it gets a bit loud they’ll just bang the ceiling with a shoe or a broom. There, problem solved. City folk are also unique in that they allow anyone to drive them anywhere. Cabs, buses, trains, you name it. They have given up their dependency on automobiles and have decided that they would rather let someone else do it for them. Pretty admirable considering how dangerous city streets are. They can save plenty on transportation, too. Especially if they pick up some Groupon coupons for Uber. No more car payments or spending money on dirty fuel. Now that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?
If you don’t want to give up the yard and white picket fence just yet, then that’s fine. But the next time you see someone hoofing it through the snow on their way to a bus stop downtown remember reading this. That person is a true feat of evolution.

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