new version fotor online photo editor

September 04, 2017

In this post I talk to you about the Fotor an online photo editor which gives you the chance to make collage, edit and design  any form of graphics and cover. Since then I am still using this platform for editing my pictures.
But now they have some new features and I am very happy to share with you.
I have easy access to my design or collage,I am able to re-edit my work anywhere. Also I can save my work in the cloud.
What I really like is to make photo collage .The templates have different styles like classic, artistic, funky. With photo stitching tool you can not only stitch multiple photos together, vertically or horizontally but also alter the thickness and color of your border.
Using the new photo editing tools I can adjust color,size, brightness. As beauty-fashion blogger the feature portrait retouching is very helpful.I can do makeover,add radiance,put highlight and many more.
The fonts,stickers and templates  are updated every day.

With the help of Fotor's new designer you can use instagram template.Create, modify and share your images following only 4 steps.

Personalize any card by adding your favourite text,colour and font.
Take advantage of all amazing features offered by Fotor,they have all the tools you need to edit your pictures.

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