bar mitzvah planners in CT

May 17, 2019

Bar and bat mitzvahs are special coming-of-age celebrations for young adults in the Jewish faith. Check out these simple tips to reduce party planning stressors and focus on the joys of the soirée for your loved one.


Jewish faith and tradition honor young girls and boys when they turn thirteen years old. These guests of honor, males called bar mitzvahs, girls being bat mitzvahs, are tasked with reading portions of the Torah after years of studying and practice. The celebration usually progresses from a Jewish temple and ends in a party or celebration for all.


Traditional bar and bat mitzvah planning involves communication with family, friends and of course, the honorary bar or bat mitzvah. Begin thinking about the theme, location and guest list. Then, secure a caterer, desserts, entertainment and any other fun additions you have in mind to bring the party to life. If you live on the east coast, consider bar mitzvah planners in CT to help you on the journey to reduce your planning worries.

Mitzvah Trends

In some neighborhoods and communities, bar and bat mitzvahs can be as grand, if not more extravagant, than some weddings. Family members go to great lengths to celebrate their children on such a monumental day. The young honorees tend to select a bar or bat mitzvah theme to bring their celebration to life, which centers all planning efforts around a common thread. Traditional mitzvahs include dinner, dancing and speeches from family members. However, non-traditional ideas are becoming ever popular. For example, a video game theme for a young mitzvah may take place at an upscale arcade, complete with party favors and invitations all in line with the gaming theme. Movie theaters, bowling alleys and hayride barns are all unique celebrations ideas.

No matter your theme or party size, enjoy the journey of planning a bar or bat mitzvah and take in all the special day has to offer!

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