The best human virgin hair for black women

February 13, 2020

Call it Afrocentric hair, African – American hair, or black hair. Whatever you choose to call it, you are saying the same thing.
It is one of the most peculiar hairs in the world of hair. The Afrocentric hair is bound to stand out anywhere because of its unique characteristics.
It is most dense, curly, and it often varies in length. You might not know it as afro hair, but when you see it, you will see the characteristic nappiness, kinkiness, and wool-like appearance.
For many years, black women have worn this hair without any use of attachments and without treating or dying it. The best they do is to adorn it with beads, corals, or ribbons; however, black women are beginning to look for other ways to stand out in style. One such way they adopted is by using attachments and extensions. However, not all hair extensions are a perfect fit for black hair, and if you are a black woman reading this article, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to find out the best human virgin hair for you from Here.

Different types of human hair

Borrowing from the famous quote of George Orwell, "all black hairs are equal, but some hairs are different from the others. Most women might have the same colors of black hair, but the structure and the texture of their hairs make theirs different from others. It is just commonsensical to know the different types of black hair before we mention the human virgin hair that is best for you.

Straight hair (fine)

This is one of the commonest kinds of hair. It is commonly called the type 1a hair on the black hair scale. Straight hair is known for its softness, luster, and durability. There is a downside to this, and that is, it tends to be very oily, and it’s not very voluminous

Straight hair (medium)

This hair is very much like the type 1a hair, but it is different. It is commonly called the type 1b hair, and it is known for its characteristic big size. If black women are known to have voluminous hairs, it is because some of them have this kind of hair.

Straight hair (coarse)

Commonly known as the type of 1c hair, this hair is very much different from the two types of hairs. The only difference is that it is very coarse, making it very hard to comb and style.

Wavy hair

Just like straight hairs, wavy black hairs can also come in three different styles. The first kind, which is classified as 2a, is wavy and sticky, while it is also frizzy and resistant to styling.

Curly hair

Black curly hairs are not hard to miss. They are also classified into three parts. Curly hairs fall into Category 3 of the black hair classification chart. Why are they different? They are always tightly coiled with a characteristic shape.

Kinky hair

Most black hairs are kinky, but others are extremely kinky than the others. Kinky hairs often have that characteristic z- shape, and they also occur in three different types (tight, z and defined coils).
Since this piece is not exclusively about black hair and the different types that exist, well, let’s see which human virgin hair is perfect for your kinky, curly, or wavy hair.
There are several types of human hair, because of the peculiarity of the black hair, it is essential to fix the hair that feels most comfortable, lovely, and perfect on you.
Brazilian hairs are long, curly, and have streaks of brown in them, but they are not perfect for a black woman's hair. Peruvian hairs are straight and thick, which makes them almost perfect for the black hair, but it isn’t, because it sometimes comes in deep brown, and it looks too wavy (except that is the look the wearer wants).  Indian hair has a great texture, but its curl and waves don't make it a perfect fit for black hair. So which hair makes the cut? Malaysian hair does.

The reason why Malaysian hair is best for black women

· Black hair is already very dense; therefore, it needs a soft hair. Malaysian hairs are soft, and they blend with black hair that has been relaxed.
· Some black hairs are not as full as others. Malaysian hairs have full bodies. When combined with black hair, Malaysian hairs give the wearers hair the necessary volume.
· Black hairs may be black, but they are not very lustrous. Malaysian hairs are often more radiant, and when they are combined with black hair, they keep the hair glossy, full and soft.


Black hair is known for its coarseness, size, kink, and color. When it is relaxed, it always fits best with HairGets Malaysian hair. Even if you have any other human hair in your closet, you had better trade them for Malaysian hair.

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