Microblading Isn't Just For Celebrities Anymore

April 06, 2017

Beauty trends are constantly evolving and changing. As seen on models like Cara Delevingne and on movie stars such as Lily Collins and Jennifer Connelly, the thick brow is now front and centre. Exhibiting youth and good health, thicker brows help to balance out the face. The darker framework also does a great job at accentuating the colour of the eyes. Waking up to perfect brows without having to do a thing sounds like a dream, but with a technique on the market called microblading, that dream is now a reality.

 Microblading, also called HDi Embroidery Brow, is one technique that has been gaining tremendous popularity over the past year as it allows beauty technicians to create the image of perfect, lush brows on any individual, no matter their current look. Professionals in Canada are flocking to beauty academies to get specialized training in order to create this new full brow. The premiere training program in Canada that offers this technique is called LashForever Canada and when looking for a professional to complete your look, if possible, you should choose a technician who has been trained there as they provide some of the best, most extensive training in the country. Before selecting a technician, ensure that they have attended a comprehensive course provided by an accredited trainer and assessor. If so, according to Cosmetic Tattoo, "the appropriate topics related to hygiene for skin penetration services should have been adequately covered." The technician should also be adhering to safety standards and tools approved by Health Canada and the FDA.

Microblading uses a specialized pen shaped machine to create super fine brush strokes that look just like real hairs directly on your brow area. The process takes about 1-2 hours to complete while the patient lies down in a beauty chair and is a great time to chat with your beautician and discuss new
beautyand makeup tips that they might wish to share. There are three basic elements to the process:

1. Anaesthetic
To minimize discomfort, the technician will apply a topical numbing cream and anaesthetic to the brow region.

2. Confirm Shape
A removable pencil is used to draw out the brow specific to the clients desire in order to ensure the client receives exactly what he or she is looking for. There are several checks back and forth until the perfect shape emerges.

3. Pen Strokes
A specialmicroblading pen is used to administer pigmentation into the brow area, drawing individual hair strokes one-by-one until a full brow is achieved. This is a meticulous process and patience is required.

Once the procedure is completed, there is no downtime. Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure. According to the
Society ofPermanent Cosmetic Professionals, it is considered semi-permanent "simply because a much smaller amount of pigment is inserted into the skin”, and as a result, the look only last 1-3 years. It is recommended that you follow up with your technician about a month afterward your procedure to check on the results. It is common for them to perform small touch ups at that time. Perfect results should last for up to one year before any additional touch ups may be needed.

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