Military style returns to characterize clothing starting with shirts

September 21, 2018

In the hottest periods of the year it is not uncommon for the style in terms of clothing to meet comfort and merge into a proposal with an innate and well-defined fit. The couple, comfort and style, also characterize the autumn-winter proposals, starting with series of garments that have come back into fashion in recent years, reviving the military style, a trend with a timeless appeal.
 The timeless military style is renewed in colors and combinations
The military style is back strongly to the limelight but it is a bit renewed and is proposed with a palette of colours from green to blue, from black to beige, with a strong preponderance for shades and careful use of gold details .
A clothing that declines perfectly to the feminine as to the masculine.
 Evergreen for all seasons military style still allows some risky matching but tends to play on personal reinterpretations. The military garments are skilfully matched to others of different types to enjoy an outfit that focuses on a less overwhelming and more measured mix.
The most whimsical items lose the original strong cut to resize to a more sober use.
 There is a careful work of exhumation of the gold buttons and military stripes, fringes, studs and fabrics a little faded without forgetting the classic military shirt, but the tones are more peaceful and there is nothing particularly overwhelming.

 Military vest and shirts
Once used only by military personnel, vests and shirts are revealed today comfortable and light in the less demanding moments of their lives. Above all, military shirts are not lacking in the closets of the most trendy civilians. The route is different and the use of military vests that have a more functional use. Thanks to the presence of numerous pockets, the military vest has become a basic accessory in the clothing of a hunter, of those who practice trekking, and even of photojournalists.
 The military jacket is revised and corrected for urban use
The military jacket, in typical camouflage fantasy, is borrowed from different brands that make it a current model, suitable for the city as well as for leisure. A casual cut and an extremely resistant fabric to give the garment a long life. And in terms of matching the camouflage jacket has not really the same, you can mix with practically everything, even with tailored and more classic trousers, as well as jeans, icon of all time.

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