3 Great Ways To Create an Informal Pond in Your Backyard

July 31, 2020

Are you looking to add a unique feature to your backyard, one that will bring life and vegetation to any outdoor space? The following ways to shape an informal pond will maximize any visual effect that you’re going for, allowing you to enhance the natural beauty of your backyard.

1. Kidney-Shaped Pond

A kidney-shaped pond is one of the classic informal pond shapes, possibly because you also see this shape often in the design of backyard swimming pools. The gently sweeping sides and curves encourage proper water circulation, with the lobed side positioned toward the main focal point of your pond. There is generally more opportunity for planting with this shape. Combined with the proper system of aquatic weed control, as well as dynamic planting, this could be a great pond for your backyard.

2. Lobe-Shaped Pond

A lobe-shaped pond almost has the look of a bloated cloverleaf. A lobed pond is ideal if you want your water feature to encroach in several directions. One of the lobes could be made into a beached area and one could contain a waterfall. This shape gives you a great chance to get creative with design.

3. Bog-Inspired Pond

A bog-inspired pond is a pond that features a very amorphous shape, and the other central feature of this pond style is that not a lot of water is required to help these plants thrive. Create a shallow, shelved area to place bog plants like Gunnera manicata and Ligularia that only like to get light sips of water in order to stay healthy and green.
An informal pond is a great feature to introduce into your backyard if you want something that will blend with the overall existing style of the landscaping. Get creative with the design of your pond and you’ll see the dynamic effects that a pond can bring to your garden.

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