Tradeshow Booth Messaging Tips

August 01, 2020

If your company attends a lot of tradeshows, you know the importance of maximizing the lead generation of the show. Tradeshows are expensive, and too many businesses make the mistake of taking a poorly designed tradeshow booth to the show. Here are a few tips to make sure your booth lands with the right customers and gets their attention.

Messaging Is Everything

Have you ever walked up to a tradeshow booth, looked at the backdrop and have no clue what it is that company does? Sadly, most booths are this way. It seems that companies choose simplicity over being helpful to potential customers.
Clearly stating on your booth what it is you do goes a long way at a tradeshow. There are so many booths at a show, that a customer is simply doing a quick scan to see if something catches their eyes that they need. Having clear messaging can increase your chances that the right prospective customer will stop by to talk.

Have Several Booth Designs

Taking the same booth to every show keeps things simple, but you can increase your chances of sales by tailoring your booth design to certain shows. For example, if you repair cars and go to a car rental tradeshow, you would want to cater your messaging to rental fleets to better catch the attention of how that particular vertical would use your services. This is why it's a good idea to have a booth rental storage Boston MA solution to house a few different booth designs.
As you can see, by having clearer messaging, as well as a few different booth designs, you can increase your chances of getting more eyes on your booth. More eyes essentially lead to more sales, so casting a much wider net is the most beneficial thing you can do when creating tradeshow booths.

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